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For over a period of time, people were under the assumption of round the clock studying process to crack JEE Advanced, but now the trend is slowly moving towards smarter ways of understanding and learning subjects. Being a bookworm will no longer help any student to prosper in their JEE Advanced.

All IIT aspirants need to do is, prepare a smart strategy and clear the exam with flying colours. Last moment preparations for JEE Advanced solely depends upon on one’s guidance and level of confidence. The JEE Advanced is scheduled to be held on later this year and below mentioned are few tips that will aid IIT JEE aspirants to face JEE Advanced courageously.

1. Prepare A Well-laid Plan

  • Draft a daily schedule.
  • Prioritize the topics that require more time and relevant to the subject.
  • Stick to the routine and pay special attention to problems.

2. Get Hold Of The Syllabus

Download the syllabus and read it thoroughly. By doing this you will gain a lot of valuable insights about the important topics, course objectives, exam pattern, marking schemes and other details which could help you boost your preparation. Besides, with this information you will be able to develop a fitting study plan.

3. Time Management

While preparing for JEE you should waste time but manage it properly. Try analyzing what useless activities you are spending your time on. Once you do that you can then or you should develop a suitable timetable for studying. Only with a proper timetable, you can cover the whole syllabus and even conduct revisions.

4. Understand Basic Concepts

  • Before delving into JEE preparations, know the JEE syllabus and understand the basic concepts present in the syllabus.
  • Evaluate your knowledge on basic concepts.
  • Make notes on required topics.

5. Choose The Right Study Material

  • NCERT books are your saviour! It helps you to build a strong foundation.
  • For additional studying, numerous books will be available in the market; but refer only to the standard textbooks that are specifically designed for JEE.
  • With the onset of technology, instead of reading from textbooks; IIT aspirants can now study anytime-anywhere with Byju’s learning app which is designed according to the JEE module which simplifies the JEE preparation process.

6. Solve JEE Advanced question papers

Solve previous years question paper has its own advantages, like

  • Helps you to understand the exam pattern.
  • Will help you in time management.
  • Helps to increase speed and accuracy.
  • Helps you to gain confidence.