school integrated programme : programme

School tie-up programme

To facilitate the students in preparation for competitive exams, Vidyapeeth Academy offers integrated in-school classroom contact programmes in association with schools. The programme is offered to students in their school premises during school hours. The core objective of the course is: to expand the reach of the expertise of Vidyapeeth Academy in IIT-JEE & Medical training to the students. To benefit the students by providing them adequate exposure to specialized coaching for IIT-JEE. It helps in saving money, time and efforts of the students/ parents.

Benefits to the School, Students & parents
Benefits to the School
1. The School will get a share in Fee Revenue to supplement its resources for developmental efforts for the school.
2. Intangible gains in terms of number of students getting selected in Competitive Examinations. This will enhance image and branding of the school amongst students, parents and general public.
3. Increase in the number of enrollments in the school due to value addition (Competitive Preparation) in the academics (School/Board Examinations) being delivered by the school.
4. Less requirement of good faculties as Vidyapeeth Academy will be taking care of above subjects.
5. Optional In-house Training cum Orientation of the school faculty member towards Competitive Examinations (at School Campus during the course). 6. Squeezing the volume of migration of students to other Schools or Cities for competitive coaching from the parent school.
7. Specimen Copy of the complete Study Material & Test Papers of Vidyapeeth Academy as Library Copy to the school without any charges.

Benefits to the Students
1. The School students shall have the benefit of coaching/training by Vidyapeeth Academy faculty.
2. Notable Improvement in the performance of the students in the School/Board as well as in Competitive Examinations.
3. Regular assessment according to their aptitude.

Benefits to the Parents
1. Benefit of Quality Education in the same school where the student is studying.
2. No other coaching is required hence saving in terms of both time and energy.
3. To save the students and their parents from botheration and inconvenience of commutation. (Student can utilize the saved time in more meaningful and productive manner.)
4. He will also arrange and ensure, with Vidyapeeth Academy Coordinator, smooth running of classes, distribution of study material, conduct of tests and availability of results and other academic queries of the students.