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Welcome to V-MAT 2019

Vidyapeeth Mental Aptitude test is (V-MAT) an initiative of Vidyapeeth Academy for selecting meritorious students of Bihar to provide them recognition and platform for preparation of IIT JEE , NEET & other competitive exams through this talent search exam. We select 40 meritorious students in Dream 40 batch from class 9th, 10th and 11th moving students. Students have to take VMAT in two stages , in first stage offline exam will be conducted for 30 minutes in various school and all Vidyapeeth Academy study centers, a total 25 questions will be asked for screening of students. All selected students from Stage -1 of Class 8th ,9th and 10th have to take VMAT stage-2, in which student will get the state rank along with performance analysis in detail and Vidyapeeth Academy offered 40 meritorious students based on VMAT Ranks to take admission into different classroom program in Vidyapeeth Academy.


For VIII, IX & X studying students

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For Class 8th, 9th and 10th Studying Students
Rank 1 to 40 Zero fee
Rank 41 & above Scholarship Up to 100% on tuition fee


Vidyapeeth Mental Aptitude Test (V-MAT) 2019 For Students of Class 8th, 9th and 10th (Studying Students).
V-MAT Stage -1
02nd September 2018 23rd September 2018
07th October 2018 28th October 2018
04th November 2018 18th November 2018
25th November 2018
V-MAT Stage - 2
1st Week of December 2018 Result of Stage -2 : 15th December 2018

V-MAT – Academic Benefit for Students 2019

  Selection of 40 meritorious students from Bihar are kept in a batch of highly competitive peers group with high IQ level on the basis of their merit to get free education in Vidyapeeth Academy classroom program.

 Cash Rewards for first three Students of class 8th ,9th & 10th .

 Most authentic benchmarking platform for students to evaluate their rank in the state, since top most schools across Bihar and topper students participate in V-MAT.

 Complete analysis of student’s individual score along with the highest and average score will be provided to all students who participate in V-MAT.

V-MAT Early Admission Benefits .

 Complete analysis of student’s individual score along with highest and average score will be provided to all students who participate in V-MAT.

 Student selected from V-MAT will be allotted top batch of talented bright students with same IQ level, highly competitive peers group selected from Bihar for Vidyapeeth Academy classroom program.

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