Pre Foundation Advanced - 3 Years Classroom Program ( Xth, XIth and XIIth)
Target Year 2021
Class X
Course Name Pre-Foundation Advanced
Eligibility Class IX appeared/passed students
Who Should Join Students who have been selected on the basis of satisfactory academic performance in Scholarship and Admission Tests (SATs) conducted by Vidyapeeth.
Medium of Studies English
Course Availability Patna- Study Centers
Course Commencement 11.04.2017
Course Ends 25.01.2018
Course Duration 40 Weeks
Admission Process V-SAT, Vidyapeeth Scholarship cum Admission Test

This batch is for 9th to 10th moving students who have the aim of pursuing engineering as their profession.

This is a 3 years program, in which the syllabus of math’s, physics and chemistry is covered. When aspirants are in 10th standard they are taught the respective syllabus of 10th but of the level of IIT. This enables them to get basic knowledge for the preparation of IIT. And the syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Math’s of 11th is completed is 11th and of 12th in 12th. There is a vast gap in education before 10th and after 10th. When an aspirant moves from 10th to 11th, most of them waste their maximum time in clearing this gap. So, this course what does is that, it basically fills the gap and prepares student at an early level for JEE Mains and Advanced.

If we talk about the study pattern then it is a combination of our ethics, methodology and teaching process that to in a way which enables a student to clear not only the competitive exam of entrance in engineering colleges but also boards that to with their full potential. This two year program is for mainly qualifying JEE mains and Advanced but our focus and concern is also concentrated on their boards. As we have seen in these preceding years, that often students clears JEE mains and Advanced with high marks but fail in their boards. It is because they are good at their basics and numerical problems but there lies inadequacy in their subjective knowledge of topics, and that’s why we have our concern with it. Our teaching process involves topic wise teaching for boards and with that we take them to the level of JEE Mains and Advanced. So, that it won’t be tough for them and they won’t get bothered.

All students are eligible for this batch that have just clear their 9th standard exam from any of the recognized school by Indian government or state government.

We only take admission of those students who qualifies V-SAT and Scholarship exam conducted by Vidyapeeth Academy. Except this, we also take admission on the basis any state or national level academic qualification.
We, Vidyapeeth Academy, belongs to those well wishing institutes for the student, who don’t care about money or their business when the matter is about student’s carrier and you can say we are not money making concerned institute. We won’t take any student who won’t be eligible in the respective exams, because the future of such student will not only be ruined but their money and our hard work and time too. If you are not eligible for the batch we won’t hesitate to reject your admission; but there still may be a number of Institutes who would give you mouth watering and pocket friendly offers. And the choices remain to you.

The medium of study is off course English. Many students ask us that why we don’t offer a completely Hindi medium batch. Are we an English promoting institute or and Hindi degrading one?? Then, the answer is obliviously, No! There is no such kind of thing. Actually after secondary education in higher studies in either engineering or medical the study materials, books etc. are not available in Hindi in a satisfying amount. And other thing is that the teaching there is completely in English. That’s why we have this as our medium of learning so, that student would get used to it and from here when they would move to their dream, ‘engineering college’ they won’t have any problem.

This course is available at all the centers of Vidyapeeth Academy present in Patna.

There are two types of tests which we conduct on regular basis. The first one is taken on weekly basis, in which the questions are from the previous week. This test is basically a revision of weekly taught topic and its analysis, as what a student have understood and what not. What is their weak point and what is their strong point. All the questions are objective and based on the pattern of JEE Mains and Advanced.
The other test is taken on duration of 30-45 days. The questions in the test come from all the topics taught in the respective time duration. This is an overall analysis of topics taught in the respective duration.
After the completion of the courses TEST SERIES starts, in which questions come from all the topics taught in these 3 years. This is test based on JEE Mains and Advanced. The frequency of test increase depending upon the days left in the concerned exam. Test on board pattern is also taken after the completion of the 11th and 12th course.

This course has duration of 3 years. In first year syllabus of 10th is covered, in the second years syllabus of 11th is covered and in the third year of course, syllabus of 12th is covered.

The syllabus of 10th completed around February to March depending upon the initiation of the batch. The syllabus of 11th is covered around January. And the syllabus of 12th is completed around November to December, after which revision and test series continues till JEE Mains and Advanced.