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Vidyapeeth seed will provides its students with a set of study material that has been scientifically prepared to ensure comprehension of even the most difficult topics. Each module (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology) contains chapters which is divided into three parts, details are as follows
1. Detailed theory portion
2. Solved Example & in chapter exercises
3. Objective Worksheets

2. Classroom Sessions

At Vidyapeeth SEED , teaching is not merely a profession , it is a dedication to help students to not only succeed in IIT JEE but to create a passion for scientific discovery and logical thinking. A few minutes of classroom coaching at Vidyapeeth SEED is equivalent to hours of self study required by the students otherwise.
Some key feature of Classroom Session
1. Small Batch Size
2. Regular Class Pattern
3. Doubt Class
4. Concept of Revision Week.
5. Collaboration of Board syllabus and Various competitive exam syllabus.

3. Test Series

Vidyapeeth SEED conduct frequent mock test and testing assessment is core of the Vidyapeeth pedagogy. Our testing and evolution system is scientifically designed to ensure that students are tested on all prerequisite skill sets. The periodic tests ensure students to increase their speed, accuracy and develop skill that translate into performance.


We strongly believe in the fact that the environment in which a student studies is equally importance for effective learning. We ensure our students study in an enabling environment equipped with proper classrooms to keep them stress free.


We have kept our batch size small ,to ensure that every students are in the eye of faculties and they could be analyzed their development very closely. Due to small batch size its help in developing personal touch with students which is further useful in make them understand. A regular doubt class with the same faculties who is teaching in the regular batch is organized daily.