pre foundation course


Give your child early starter Advantage in IIT JEE/ NEET.

It has been observed that many top performer in IIT JEE Advance in last few years had started their preparation quite early from class VIII/IX/X.
Vidyapeeth academy launched Vidyapeeth Olympiad Academy a Pre foundation program for junior’s classes who are presently studying in class VIII/IX/X with a objective

1. Our Course structure of Vidyapeeth Olympiad Academy “ A Foundation program for class VIII/IX/X are designed to give dedicated student the extra advantage that can help them to get top rank in IIT JEE/NEET & other competitive exam.

2. Quality foundation course for IIT JEE /NEET along with Board Exam nearby your home therefore one can save transportation time and focus on Board Exam and School.

3. 30% concept related to 11th and 12th classes will be thought at class 9th and 10th as result of this student get more time to revise their course for JEE in class 12th

4. Through this course our aim is to build strong foundation of the students by providing them a three tier training to achieve excellent results in various competitive exams like NTSE, IJSO, NSEP/B/C/A, RMO, NMTC and private Olympiads like NSO, IMO, NSTSE, ANCQ, VMAT etc.

5. Best performing students from each centre will have opportunity study in DREAM -40 A Zero fee program in class 11th & 12Th and Rankers batch a 100% tuition fee waiver in class 11th and 12th .

Advantage of Vidyapeeth Olympiad Academy

Here are some of the reasons why it is advisable for the IIT aspirants to commence their preparation from 9th class itself.
1. The students, who directly join IIT-JEE coaching in their Intermediate, may feel it difficult to understand various topics which are covered in-depth in IIT training.

2. The students may even feel stress and strain as they have to understand, learn, practice and revise all the topics and subtopics along with their Intermediate preparation.

3. If you commence your preparation now, you can get more time to practice various concepts related to IIT-JEE.

4. The IIT-JEE tests you on the deeper understanding levels of the student about various topics and concepts. Prior preparation helps you learn various topics and concepts in depth from your high school days.

5. In Class 9th the students study various concepts in chemistry such as atomic structure, periodic classification, chemical bonding, behaviour of gases, chemical kinetics, and chemical equilibrium. The school curriculum focuses on ‘concepts’ more than its applications. But, most of the questions asked in IIT-JEE are application based questions and they are usually the combination of two or more concepts. Hence, only the textbook knowledge of the concepts may not be sufficient to crack the IIT-JEE. Hence, the early commencement of IIT-JEE preparation fills the gap between academic curriculum and the pattern of IIT-JEE examination.

6. Early preparation helps you to build strong foundation in Math, Physics and Chemistry. It is enough if you spend one hour every day.

7. It helps the students for the increased complexity and volume of the curriculum for Inter and IIT JEE.

An early introduction of various concepts related to STEM subjects such as Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry tunes your mind to appear for IIT-JEE with confidence and enthusiasm. It enhances your problem solving skills and conceptual knowledge. Hence, dear 9th class students, it is the right time for you to commence your preparation for IIT-JEE.