Admission Mode: Admission to Vidyapeeth Academy is strictly through V_MAT & V_SAT (Admission Cum Scholarship Test)

Course Name: Seed for class VIII, Booster for class IX and Genius for class X

 Fee Details:
Course Name EligibilityDurationFee in Rs.
Seed Class VII Pass April 2018 to March 2020 35,000.00
Booster Class VIII Pass April 2018 to March 2019 40,000.00
Genius Class IX Pass May 2018 to March 2019 40,000.00

Total Amount is exclusive of GST 18% (Present Rate). Fee can be changed, if there is levy/change in taxes by the Central/State Govt.
In case of installment payment option, students have to deposit PDC (Post Dated Cheque) of balance amount at the time of first installment deposit or at the time of Admission.

Refund policy
1. Admission once done will NOT be cancelled under any circumstances.
2. Refund application will be accepted ONLY in cases of genuine academic problems, medical reasons, transfer/change of residence etc.
3. Student applying for refund has to submit a written application mentioning the exact reason of withdrawal at the centre, where the student is studying. Refund requests made verbally or through phone/SMS shall not be entertained in any case.
4. The date of submission of refund application will be consider as last working day of the student and not the date on which the student stopped coming to the institute for classes.
5. The date of commencement of the course will be considered as the starting date & not the date of joining of any student in the institute for calculating refund.
6. Refund rules are universal even
  i. If a student joins late or
  ii. If a student doesn’t join or attend even a single class at all after depositing the fee
7. Refund amount will be calculated on the actual fee i.e. fee paid without service tax.
8. Refund policy is based on actual accounting. Entire course fee is divided into Admission Fee and Advance fee .Admission fee is fixed and strictly NON REFUNDABLE. Advance fee is divided into monthly fee .Every month; a fixed monthly fee is deducted from Advance fee paid by the student.
9. Monthly fee will be deducted for the month of receipt of the refund application, irrespective of the fact that refund application is submitted on the first or last day of the month.
10. The entire refund process takes around 15 to 30 days for completion of from the date of receipt of the refund application

Following table will illustrate the calculation of refund:
Class Course Start Assumed Course End Month Assumed Total Course Duration Course Fee Admission Fee ( Non Refundable) Per Month Deduction
11th April 2018 January 2020 20 months Rs.140000/- 10000/- Rs.6500/-