Our Mission & Vision
vission and mission

To make a dream true, one need to have a vision, a vision which is clear in its ambition, the path to it and what this path would lend you to. So, we at VIDYAPEETH ACADEMY too have a vision for betterment of the students. Our vision is:
To Produce Excellence in Parallel Education.
To be the most trusted and successful training institution "Exclusively for IIT-JEE".
We envision our academy transforming the dreams of many students into a reality by understanding their needs and delivering beyond their expectations.
We at VIDYAPEETH ACADEMY want them to be proactive, critical thinkers and be confident in every walk of life.

A life or a journey without a mission is a failure. A student with a dream of becoming an IITian or an institute producing huge result is possible when they have a set of goal, and know how to accomplish these goals. So, VIDYAPEETH ACADEMY have our own set of mission with which we are producing the result. Our missions are.
Our mission is to Create Minds.
Our mission is to inspire moments of optimism and happiness amongst the students.
We want to create sustainable values and make the students learn to respect those values.
We at VIDYAPEETH ACADEMY strive to teach the students that winning is very important but at the same time, losing is not the end of the world.

An educated person without any values and belief can be considered a worse persona than an educated one. With education from the books we get knowledge, and with the value & belief come the art of living a life to a student, and not only education but our concern also revolve toward the overall development of any student here in VIDYAPEETH ACADEMY. And our values and belief are stated below:
The purpose of education is neither literacy, nor gathering information.
It is a systematic attempt towards learning humanity.
We are motivated to teach the students the values that they should live by and want to live by.
We want to inculcate the value that honesty is the best policy under all circumstances.