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Master Stroke of Vidyapeeth

1.Use of fourth subject (Motivation):
Motivation has equal significance in preparation for IIT as Math, Physics and Chemistry, so we usually call it fourth subject of IIT. IIT is one of the toughest competitive exam in the world so while preparing student may get immersed in extreme pressure and we need to support them with regular motivation. Concept of Revision Week:This concept has been innovated in Vidyapeeth IIT Academy and proved to be a most useful technique. Student understand even most difficult topics with an ease and it is also beneficial for those who have missed regular classes. Means you always have an opportunity to maintain the gap. It has been observed that some potential student who fails to maintain regular attendance due to some disease or other issue never able to fill the gap resulting poor exam performance.

2. 10000 Hours Rule:
We have designed our course module and classes on the principle to make a student master of subjects and exams. According to this principle you need 10000 hours of practice to command. Our methodology including regular test, practice sessions, doubt clearance class, Revision week and after syllabus practice contains 10000hrs of Practice.

3. Vidyapeeth Friends:
Many students who have qualified IIT, still studying or passed out keep visiting and motivate students. Our dedicated support staffs take care for every possible assistance should be given to students.

3. Dream of Vidyapeeth:
Faculties of Vidyapeeth are aware of the path and process to be followed in cracking IIT –JEE. We dream to provide a platform to all talented students belonging to different socio-economic condition with personal touch and care and establish a strong social bonding.