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Career at Vidyapeeth Academy
career at vidyapeeth academy

Vidyapeeth academy is one of the primer institutes for the preparation of IIT & medical entrance exams, with its remarkable results in these continuous years has made it a desirable employer.

Our success does not just remain bounded to VIDYAPEETH, but to the continuous hard work, disciplined dedication and passion of our team and students towards their common goal. At VIDYAPEETH, we just not remain confined to teaching only, we try to build a bounding between the student and we off course try to personally connect with the students, which is quite necessary for the betterment of the students. We don’t only focus of the academic excellence but we ensure that our endeavor to prepare students for life, by developing them with an analytical mind, the right attitude and a spirit of goodness. Our main focus is on the clearance of JEE MAINS and ADVANCE and NEET but our concern does not stop here. We want over all development of students.

For our Vision & Mission to meet to its commencement, we need a highly efficient, smart, endurable member in our team, who can absorb our Vision in their eyes and make our mission theirs too. Because to us, an institute does not grow unless there is continuous common efforts of the people associated to it. So, our focus is in the growth of employee as a happy employee will give his best effort and which will finally pay off as the growth of the institution.

That’s why we are always looking for people with great enthusiasm, passion towards work and who strive for success for which they are always ready to go a step ahead and take risk and always ready for new challenges.
Being the voice of VIDYAPEETH.
Having good communication skills
Having a stretchable personality, ready to take up new challenge with new opportunity.
Working under extreme pressurizing situations.
Expanding own limits.
Innovative and creative thinking as needed for work.
Hungry for success orientation.
Good at making interacting.
Ready to take up challenges and lending better result each time
Being cooperative even after having a good behavior and excellence in verbalizing.
Believing in team work with generosity and humbleness.

Vidyapeeth offers you an opportunity to be the door of change. Why should you join VIDYAPEETH ACADEMY?
We Offer you challenging tasks.
You are open to lend your new ideas
You will be providing an extensive exposure in your job; apart from this you will get experience which matters most.
We encourage the participation of employees in different meetings lend by management and open forums.
We welcome employees’ opinion & Ideas.
We provide rewards & reorganization for outstanding performance of employees.
Wide exposure & experience in job.
Motivational activities for employees are also conducted.
Recognizes & celebrates the milestones achieved by its valuable employees.
After your association in VIDYAPEETH Family, you are clearly acknowledged with your work, we provide up gradation in the professional competences required for your continuous development thorough training, seminars and workshops.
If the above mentioned career insight excites, you can apply for any of the job profile according to you.