Why you should study in Vidyapeeth Academy?

So, you want to prepare for JEE Mains & Advance and you want to know why you should study at Vidyapeeth Academy?

 Vidyapeeth Academy is one of the fastest growing institute in the Eastern India, having its two branches in Patna, one in Gaya and other in the city Mumbai, makes it one of the fascinating coaching institute. In this topic, we are going to tell you,

7 tips for clearing JEE mains and advance.

JEE stands for Joint Entrance Exam. It is considered as India’s toughest exam. The student who clears JEE gets a chance to study at IITs (Indian Institute of technology), NITs (National Institute of Technology), IIITs (Indian Institute of information technology) and CFITs (Central Funded Technical Institutes). Basically, it is a combined exam, for student who seeks engineering as their profession, as this exam gives them access for admission into the

10 interesting facts about IIT you surely do not know!

So, once a person steps into the world of IIT, they are in awe of the ambiance and the legacy with which these institutes operate. There are many underlying facts about IIT -Indian Institute of Technology that might interest you. All the potential IIT-

5 Things You Should Keep In Mind While Choosing Your IIT Coaching Institute.

Hello, everyone! So in this blog I am going to tell you 5 Things You Should Keep In Mind While Choosing Your IIT Coaching Institute.  You want o prepare for JEE Mains and Advance and see you getting graduate from one of the IIT’s then what first some is your institute for preparation. You may be thinking that why choosing an institute matters? Let me g