About the Vidyapeeth Academy

In today’s competitive era, getting an edge in your training always provide an advantage over rest. Vidyapeeth is a group of IITians who has gone through the same path you are going today. In the process, we have faced difficulties like lack of proper teaching methodology or least concerned faculties about students result. After completing our degrees from IIT, we joined some prestigious IIT’s coaching in India and gathered their strong and weak points. After completing SWOT analysis and gathering vast experience and producing top results in IIT, we developed together a unique way to provide a strong platform for IIT aspirants, resulting the inception of VIDYAPEETH IIT ACADEMY. Through this unique approach at VIDYAPEETH IIT ACADEMY, we have produced best result ratio in last three consecutive years not only in Patna but in entire Industry. Our success reflects the contribution of entire dedicated VIDYAPEETH team and Students. At VIDYAPEETH we develop strong bonding with students and try to connect personally with them. We ensure that our endeavor to prepare students for life by developing in them,an analytical mind, the right attitude and a spirit of goodness backed by academic excellence. Our aim is to build strong foundation of the students by providing them a three tier training to achieve excellent results in various competitive exams like NTSE, IJSO, NSEP/B/C/A, RMO, NMTC and private Olympiads like NSO, IMO, NSTSE, ANCQ, VMAT etc.

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